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Our services

What We Do


Sometimes that we find ourselves in troublesome weather that we can wild off on out own. Athen Media Credente, with out genuine expertise, would create a way out of the storm without abracadabra.


AMCr have been evaluated to be Nigeria Media House with resourceful techniques and competence to carry out intellectual research using updated and modern tools to carry out campaigns and analyze reports. We have worked with many partners on media projects that were carried out intelligently.


With our own creative minds, A+ and virtuous team of writers, graphic and visual illustrators and producers, and directors, we are helping brands plan successful stories.


There are no tricks to a magnificent reach and product of a planned endeavor that has to do with mediation of contents and materials. We have the a strong and eloquent base of staffs officialize to work heart on heart with our potential clients.


In a chase to become recognized and build a successful business today, brands must have significant presence online for effective corporate communication, be it via search engines, websites, blogs, social media, plus relevant mobile applications and platforms. AMCr will create and manage your official accounts, publishing original content in your unique voice, while engaging directly with and growing the number of your fans, followers, customers and prospects.


It’s a necessity to have a plan that would continuously put a brand ahead of others (Competitors). AMCr would create and manage the prosperity of your brand in a way that connect to the tangible and inaccurate characteristics of the brand in a bead to hike and yield positive outcome.


A public relations agency with competitive influence should build a strategy that would put any brand in discussion ahead in its industry. We do it better.


We use internal and external resources to prepare our clients and partners for media interviews, for TV appearances, or simply to train on how to use PR and comms smartly. We help brands develop in-house teams, showing how they can implement new ideas and concepts. We have helped many brands understand the digital space with bespoke workshops, introducing many to tools and trends that have transformed their businesses.